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Access your preferred content with the help of Betternet VPN

Betternet is a free VPN proxy that gives unlimited access to the users which is available for both PC as well as mobile phones. This secure VPN masks the IP address, encrypts the internet traffic, turning the public Wi-Fi into a private network, unblocking the sites so you can easily bypass geo restrictions and also maintain the internet privacy.

Now even betternet cracked version is available which quickly started to gain popularity among the users. The cracked version of betternet is available for pcs, and for mobile phones with the Android OS and iOS.

The betternet cracked VPN proxy can be downloaded and installed in your PC or mobile phones and access the internet without any restrictions.

Betternet VPN for PC:

The betternet cracked pc version provides the fastest and the most secure VPN experience for the internet on personal computers. This super software for VPN can be used as soon as it is downloaded.

This software will modify the real IP address with the virtual IP, also it does not allow anyone to know your identity as well as your activities and keep them very far from the spies.

In short terms, this software will ensure your privacy and also the identity is kept safe from others. It is very easy to use and all you have to do is to just connect to its servers and then anonymously start surfing the web in a secured way and asses any content around the world.

The features of the betternet latest version:

  • 100% Free: The cracked version of betternet is 100% free and anyone can download and install it in the computer for the VPN service.
  • Data protection on the internet: The betternet is very useful particularly when connecting to the public network unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots because it greatly protects all your data. It can encrypt the username, password and all the other private information that you provide in the web. This software can greatly work with any internet browser which supports the proxy servers like chrome, internet explorer or Firefox. This simple application comes with a minimalistic interface that allows users to connect or disconnect from the server whenever it is needed. When the user is connected with the betternet service, the internet web page opens in the default page with the new IP address.
  • Reliable and speedy connection: This software can provide stable as well as high quality connectivity irrespective of the browser we use.
  • One-Click to Connect: This software takes only a single click for connecting to the servers and so that the user can start surfing the web more securely in just one click!
  • Skip Content Restrictions: This greatly helps to evade the various IP-based blocks and so the users can easily access all the video, music and many more.

  • Setup Made Simple: The easy process for setup creates Betternet more popular among the people, which make the user to get linked to the internet safe and secured.
  • Server Location: The servers are situated somewhere in several countries all over the world, you can count on the servers to remain fast and reliable.

Betternet VPN for android mobiles:

Betternet cracked apk provides a free and unlimited VPN proxy for the Android devices.

This VPN can mask the user’s IP address, encrypt the internet traffic, helps to turn the open Wi-Fi into a personal network and also unblock sites as well as apps on the Android phone, so that the user can easily enter in any limited content securely and anonymously from any android smartphone. The following are the features of the Betternet cracked apk you need to know:

  • Incognito Browsing: When using this application you don’t have to install any incognito browser in your mobile phone. You can simply turn it on and all of the Internet traffic can be completely encrypted and all your online activities are kept anonymous.
  • Location Spoofer: It hides the IP address so that the location is masked which enables to bypass geo-restrictions. .
  • Wi-Fi Safety: Since all the online traffic is encrypted through this software, whatever public Wi-Fi hotspot you are trying to connect, you will be definitely shielded from all the public Wi-Fi risks.
  • Unblock Websites and Apps: It helps to unblock any apps or websites when you are using it and also you can bypass all government censorship as well as geo-restrictions to access any blocked websites from anywhere!


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